What is the most complicated function in the mechanical watch? That’s a technology that will open your eyes.

The three complex functions of the world-recognized mechanical watch are actually the tourbillon, the perpetual calendar and the three questions. Due to the high technical difficulty and the long production cycle, these complex-function watches are often prohibitive.

Today I will introduce you to one of the most complicated functional mechanical watches – the tourbillon

The tourbillon is recognized as the most complex mechanical watch in the world. Don’t think that you have a little knowledge of watches, but you know all the pediatrics. The tourbillon device was born in 1795 and was invented by Mr. Bao. At first, the tourbillon watch was applied to the pocket watch in order to try to counteract the influence of gravity on the escapement of the mechanical watch.

We all know that ordinary mechanical watches have large errors due to various reasons, such as the reserve energy and tightness of the spring, or the wear of the metal parts and the gravity.

However, the mechanical watch with the tourbillon device is different, it can be almost independent of these factors, and the monthly error is less than 30 seconds. It is also the most complicated feature of the watch.

There are also many types of tourbillon mechanical watches. The introduction of the home of the repairing table may make you “stay in the wood”, you will definitely praise the home of the table ~ because the imitation watchers who comment on the articles in the small series every day, they have no ability to produce this. Movement.

The first tourbillon – floating tourbillon

The floating tourbillon, also known as the flying tourbillon, is special in that it removes the frame splint above the tourbillon and relies on the steel ring at the bottom of the movement to fix the entire movement, as if it were a floating movement, which is floating The powerful thing about the tourbillon. Because the removed part makes the balance of the tourbillon more exposed, it is easy to see the movement of the machine.

The second tourbillon – the hidden tourbillon

The common tourbillon watch will open a “window” on the dial, which will make the watch more beautiful. However, the hidden tourbillon is relatively low-key. It does not tell the dial that it is a tourbillon watch, but it is hidden under the dial, so from the outside, it is not a tourbillon, but it is indeed a tourbillon. It is really low-key luxury.

The third tourbillon – the ball tourbillon

This kind of tourbillon, which looks like a ball, looks more stereoscopic and intuitive, and is also the most space-saving tourbillon. It has gear parts in all directions. It can be said that the ball-type tourbillon device is an ornament, and it is a master of watchmaking and a great invention with both aesthetic design and skill.

Fourth Tourbillon – Multiple Tourbillon

As the name implies, the multi-point tourbillon (two tourbillons) is in a mechanical watch, and it is a superb accomplishment that shows the craftsmanship of watchmaking. It has a visual impact and full of scientific and technological sense, which perfectly explains what is dynamic. Aesthetic design and the passage of time.

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