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More than 800 exhibits, after ten years, why did cartier replica come to the Palace Museum again?

Fortunately, Rabbit has been engaged in the luxury goods industry for more than ten years. He has seen countless exhibitions and exhibitions. He has seen the downturn in the industry’s heyday, but every time he encounters a new exhibition, he will still be agitated when he enters the industry. Although I have never rejected commercial taste because this is the business man’s right way, after looking through the cruel test of the market, I can still leave the works praised by the world, which is timeless. Gufang’s self-reward is just an excuse to escape from joining the WTO. When I was at the “replica cartiers Treasure Art Exhibition” in 2009, 10 years later, “Beyond the Boundary: replica cartier watches • The Palace Museum Craft and Restoration Special Exhibition” was started again, and I felt a sense of familiarity and familiarity when revisited Feeling fresh. Rabbits may wish to be a guide, helping everyone who wants to go to the exhibition. More than 800 exhibits are already large in scale and naturally face many challenges in the exhibition. Homework is a must for those who want to watch it. On the day of the opening, Lou Wei, deputy director of the Palace Museum, talked about his relationship with Cartier, and it was quite interesting: “The Palace Museum encountered Cartier for 23 years. I was still a young researcher at that time. Slowly participate in the cooperation between the two sides, including planning and operation, deep cultural communication between the two, etc. “According to Lou Wei, the Forbidden City has been more than 600 years old, and the Palace Museum has been more than 90 years old. Everyone naturally hopes that it will not only keep the elders stable but also keep up with the times. Cartier is not a conservative brand. Louis replica cartier is the grandson of the founder. It is also the way he hopes that Cartier can have a new and creative way. It can have a specific and iconic design language. Let everyone recognize Cartier through this language s work. Watches were also made at that time. And Cartier, who was a family business at the time, dared to choose a woman outside the family to get involved in the business. She is Zhen Dussang. She inherited Louis Cartier and has a great impact on the brand. Although she left Card fake cartier watch, she stayed Under the classic style. Zhen Dusang’s picture in front of Chinese export screens about the name “Beyond Boundary” spans time and memory. Pierre Reynolds, Cartier’s style and heritage director spoke of the name and praised the Chinese team and the profoundness of the Chinese language. We often say that culture, geography, and values ​​have no boundaries. But you have to look carefully. Where is the boundary? For example, it is interesting that the Chinese royal family did not have a single cartier replica watches work, but many similar style works can be found. So in this exhibition, part of the collection of the Palace Museum and Cartier’s works will be displayed together to explore the connection of that era. Many people who came to the exhibition had smiled when they went out. Although everyone’s feelings were not the same, the moment they smiled, the border disappeared.

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