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Best Replica Watches HUIT Aviation Flight Department

Best Replica Watches (WillyBreitling) was only 19 years old when he was responsible for the family business, but he has already undergone much commercial and technical training. The young head is ready to introduce the brand into another significant era.

Our future is above the blue sky.

In 1932, Replica Zegark became the main business of Breitling, but in those days, all chronographs equipped with only one operating button. Willie Breitling discovered this potential opportunity, and in 1934 he registered the patent for the world’s first two-button chronograph. In 1936, the young entrepreneur created a unique aviation watch with a black dial, glowing digital hour markers, and hands. Willy Breitling foresaw the future of Breitling – our future is above the blue sky.
A must for professionals from the aviation industry
One of Willy Breitling’s most significant achievements was the establishment of the Breitling “Huit Aviation Flight Division” in 1938. He is well acquainted with the strict requirements of military and civil aviation. Huit means ‘8’ in French, which means that the cockpit timer and other instrumentation equipment at this time have an 8-day power reserve. The clock developed by the “Huit Aviation Flight Division” is known for its specially designed lightweight housing and easy installation, as well as responsible for the development of the air chronograph.
The creation of the “Huit Aviation Flight Division” was a coincidence: its products quickly attracted the attention of military pilots. Soon World War II would break out, and the department received a significant order to customize cockpit timing equipment for the Royal Air Force fighter jet.
Challenge, cross, go-ahead
Under these conditions, maintain exceptional performance as always. To this end, the “Huit Aviation Flight Division” has developed a series of difficult tests to ensure that any instrumentation can cope with the shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and magnetic forces that the pilot must face in the cabin. The cockpit counter and pilot watch built by the department must pass every test!
“Huit Aviation Flight Department,” founded by Willy Breitling, occupied an extraordinary place in the history of Best Replica Watches. The latest work of Breitling Replica Watches brand, Navitimer8, is inspired by this legendary department and has a great history and great traditions, which Breitling is proud of.