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“Beyond Boundary: cartier replica • Special Exhibition of Crafts and Restoration of the Palace Museum” The opening ceremony was held at the Palace Museum

“Beyond Boundary: replica cartiers • Special Exhibition on Crafts and Restoration of the Palace Museum” opened at the Noon Gate Exhibition Hall of the Palace Museum. The director of the Palace Museum Wang Xudong, the ambassador of the French Embassy in China Ouyang Liwen, replica cartier watches global chief executive Sirius Le, the deputies of the Palace Museum Lou Wei and Yan Hongbin attended the opening ceremony. Dean Wang Xudong, Minister Ouyang Liwen, and Mr. Silele addressed the opening ceremony.

Outside the Boundary: replica cartier • The Palace Museum Craft and Restoration Special Exhibition Style Witness Exhibition Hall
Ten years after the “fake cartier watch treasure art exhibition” was successfully held, the Palace Museum and cartier replica watches joined hands again to show the friendship between the two sides, allowing artistic inspiration and superb craftsmanship to collide in the ancient Forbidden City. The name of the exhibition, “Beyond Boundary,” showcases the curatorial concepts of this exhibition through poetic language and philosophical meaning. This name comes from the true feelings of the Palace Museum’s watch repair team when they cooperated and exchanged with fake cartier. It is during the exploration and exploration of the watch technology of both sides that they trace back to the context of time and history, inspire each other’s traditional understanding, Cooperation between the two parties has continuously broken the original boundaries. Whether it is to watch art, decorative art, or plastic art, the exhibits in this exhibition also show the crossing of time and skill, the reshaping power of culture, and the creativity of art.

Beyond Boundary: cartier watches replica • The Palace Museum Craft and Restoration Special Exhibition Inspiration China Exhibition Hall.

There are three exhibition halls in this exhibition, with “exquisite skills” as the central axis, along the two main lines of time and theme, to interpret from multiple perspectives. The show brings together more than 800 works of art, and the earliest exhibits date back to the Ming Dynasty. These exhibits are from cartier fakes, the Palace Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery of Australia, the Qatar Museum, and the La Chaux-de-Fond International Watch Museum.