Cheap Cartier Fake Watches In Top Quality

The year that the very first of many Cartier watches was designed and released was 1904. It was designed by Louis Cartier for his aviator friend, Alberto Santos Dumont. Since that first Cartier watch for men, the Cartier brand has grown in leaps and bounds and is now a well know jeweler and watch manufacturer.

Cartier watches used to come with movements manufactured by ETA, but recently the brand has started making its own watch movements.

Cartier is more popularly known as a jeweler that produces exquisite jewelry pieces but they are also great watch manufacturers as they have repeatedly shown. The brand has gotten new owners and since then more prestigious watches have been released. The Calibre de Cartier replica watch is one good example. The watch is in different versions including white, rose chocolate, silver and black.

The hour markings are in roman numerals as is the regular Cartier style. The watch’s face shows three dates to show the present day’s date, the previous and the next day. The minutes are shown in a rail-track style. The minutes are marked in tens and there are luminescent markers at four points of the minute’s rail.