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How To Tell If A Rolex Is Fake

Speaking of replica Rolex submariner, this topic is indeed huge, and I can’t say very detailed and specific, the main thing is that I can’t discuss fake Rolex watches intensely. I can only talk about some understanding and experience.

Individuals do not object to playing cheap Rolex replica. The price of replica watches is indeed meager. Compared with tens of thousands of watches, Rolex swiss replica watches can indeed achieve the tenth price or even lower. It will undoubtedly seduce many people with tight wallets. It doesn’t matter that the real fake Rolex submariner, the key can survive the level in his heart what I want to say today is how to learn from Rolex replicas for sale cheap. The intention is to prevent, not to buy, to seek the peace of mind and prevent fooling.

fake rolex watch

best replica watches have several conditions in general: fake shells and fake cores; fake shells and real cores (assembly table); real shells and real cores (innovative tables)

The most common of these three conditions is the first condition; the latter two generally seen in some precious watches or antique watches.

Let’s talk about the first one. At present, there are many fake watches factories. The replica watches for sale in USA produced by these factories generally have their mold resources and perhaps imported machinery and equipment.

Therefore, when these fake Rolex amazon manufactured, they will see that the appearance of the real watch is one meter away, and there is no difference between right and false. But you don’t have to worry too much. As long as it is fake, there will still be loopholes. To control the cost, high-quality replica watches cannot use high-cost materials or work. So if you look at the following aspects, you can see the difference.


The difference between the Rolex copy watches for sale shells should be minimal. Some ultra-thin Rolex clones constrained by the movement, which will lead to more considerable thickness differences; there may be slight differences in the overall weight feeling of polishing methods, and others are difficult to distinguish. Except for some more special raw materials, such as titanium, perhaps ceramics are very different. These constrained by cost, and there is very little fake, even if the work distance is very significant.


The difference between luxury replica watches glass is mainly the coating process. Suitable knockoff Rolex coatings use high-grade coating materials and use double-layer coating inside and outside, which will make the permeability of the cheap Rolex watches replica mirror surface and the reflection of the layer under the light very significant.

fake rolex watch


In particular, the details of the fake Rolex Daytona dial, such as the calendar frame polishing, whether the luminous coating is uniform, and the overall color of the swiss replica watches dial surface are standard and flawless.

4, pointer scale

The chamfering of the replica Rolex Daytona pointer and the bottom bracket technology are very important. Generally, this can not stand the scrutiny of the magnifying glass on replica luxury watches, and there are usually burrs. The pointer rivets of the Rolex replicas swiss made bottom bracket have different processes.

5, strap technology

When it comes to the replica watch strap, the main point is that Rolex replica watches, Rolex replicas swiss made grade 1 has a tremendous amount of effort under the belt. Generally, if you look at the cheap replica watches under $50 strap, you can see one or two. The difference in the process of Rolex replica swiss is very significant. Other brands’ replica watches USA straps are also the same.

fake rolex watch

One strap accounts for one-third of the price of a Rolex fake. The difference between good and bad belts is that the weight, texture, and details are very significant, especially the reverse side, the inner side. There are substantial differences in grinding, screws, and fresh ears. As for the pin buckle of the replica watches for sale belt model, it will be relatively challenging, but it only needs to be carefully identified, especially whether the inside and the whole sanding and scale marks are common.

6.Special imprint

Primarily for precious metal watches, the identification of valuable metal marks, the logo of the Rolex Daytona replica strap, and the delicate fullness of the logo on the head are also based on the reference.

7, movement

The back penetration of the best Rolex replicas movement should be the most straightforward and most intuitive difference. Of course, the condition is that there is back penetration. If there is no final inspection of replica Rolex, you can open the cover as much as possible. Look at the movement polishing, shock absorber, screw traces. Rolex replica font scale, etc. one by one with the real watch; in detail, try the feel of the chain. Adjust the time to see the pointer circulation, and then look at the calendar. Test imitation Rolex movement errors, etc., trust Don’t be careless.

8. Authenticity of attachments

exact replica watches accessories such as watch boxes, warranty cards, instruction manuals, and small tickets, although they are simple to copy, cannot be underestimated. The difference is whether the warranty and the origin of the watch have a crucial role. Second, the real replica watch info fake shell / real core artificial shell is destined to be a cousin with a particular recognition ability.

Although you may have some knowledge of the best fake watches after doing your homework, you may be afraid to ignore it or see the watch replicas appearance or machine. The core decided that the watch had no problem forming the best replica watches in the world. The output value of this type of watch is generally not significant. It is more common in second-hand assembled watches, and watch valuers sell obsolete watches as replacement parts for the entire watch.

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The new fake shell real core /false core real case is sporadic. After all, the watch factory can not have so many accessories out of three. The strict meaning of real shell real core is not Reddit replica watches, at most, it is innovation or assembled table. For example, the innovative face of antique watches, the “Hong Kong Labor” in the 1990s.

fake rolex watch

These replica diamond Rolex have a long history and very few search materials. The appearance and movement are all mentioned above, but how can detailed practice distinguish them? It requires everyone’s knowledgeable resume to summarize each buys fake Rolex Characteristics. Personally, novices should play the best replica Rolex in the usual way. It must have a cousin who knows the basics of the best replica watch site. When you buy the best swiss replica watches, you must do your homework to avoid fooled. Now that the network information is so prosperous, I believe that you can find specific methods for distinguishing the authenticity of Rolex copy.