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“Maurice Lacroix” Opened The World Record For The Replica Watch Info

Stiff sea breeze, icy low temperatures, and poor visibility brought hazardous conditions to Geza Richard and André Scholtz, Andrew Surz, two dentists, and kitesurfers from the Seefeld district of Seefeld in Zurich. Despite this, their grand dream of driving a kiteboard across the Strait of Magellan was still a reality on January 7, 2013. “We congratulate the expedition. They once again proved that we should always stick to our dreams and turn them into reality. Despite the difficult situation, the expedition still seized the opportunity to overcome all challenges.” Maurice Lacroix, sponsored by this expedition SA Marc Gläser, Managing Director of SAA, said.

The Strait of Magellan is located between the southernmost tip of South America and Tierra del Fuego in Tierra del Fuego. It was named after the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan Fernando Magellan, who crossed the strait on the way around the world in 1520. Since the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, only large transport vessels that cannot pass through the Panama Canal have been able to give. The Strait of Magellan has a shallow water temperature, strong winds, and poor visibility, making it one of the toughest and most dangerous sailing routes in the world. Crossing the strait requires the full commitment and cooperation of the entire team. The initiative to cross the channel and challenge the endurance of the sport will last forever in the name of “Maurice Lacroix Magellan Strait Expedition.”
“We have reached the limit, we have been fighting to the end, and finally we have achieved our goal. This feeling is unspeakable.” – “Maurice Lacroix member of the Magellan Strait Expedition” – Swiss kiteboarder Gicha Sulz said.
“Maurice Lacroix” is not just about creating a world record for sports; it’s also a journey of discovery for weeks of adventure and new experiences. The Maurice Lacroix website provides an overview of the adventure process and interesting background information.
Maurice Lacroix Replica Watches sponsors the adventure with the theme “Your Time is Now”.